Brezel ABC – From A like Amadeus Antonio to X like Xenophobia
Anything about our campaign


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Amadeu Antonio Foundation

The foundation was named after the Angolan guest-worker Amadeu Antonio, who in 1990 became the victim of right-wing extremist violence. With the foundation as our collaborative partner, we stand for an open Germany, without any form either racism or discrimination. Our shared vision brought us together, and we now follow the same goal: to change the world and fight extremism. You can learn more about the Amadeu Antonio foundation here: 

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Brezel (hi)story

Brezels (or pretzels) are a traditional German pastry, which already in 1111 AD served as symbol for the baker’s guild. Today, brezels are known all over the world, with regionally differing names. Its origins, however, lie in the Latin brachiatellium, which translates ‘little arms’, that are entangled in one another. This is also why we made the brezel our logo, as we want to connect as many people with one another as possible and it is a very common pastry, nevertheless mostly associated with Germany. If you want to learn more about the history of the brezel, you can check this page: 

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In order to allow our brezel community to grow continuously, we have decided on the following social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Those seemed to us the ones most relevant to the project, since many people use them on a daily basis. So we would be very happy, if you could like, share, and recommend our channels. 🙂

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Debate Dehate

No hate speech – No extremism: We want to take a clear stance again online extremism on social media, collaborating with the Amadeu Antonio foundation. Debate_dehate is the name of one of their projects for a civil digital society, promoting civil exchange of opinion and tolerance. 


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You wonder, if you can meet Team Brezel in person? Yes, you can. Between April and June, we will be present during five different events, in order to increase the Brezel Community and make people aware of our campaign. The table below shows you at which events you can find us. 

When?  What?  Where? 
04/25/2017  25th Anniversary HNEE  
Our university’s 25th birthday  
HNEE Eberswalde  
05/01/2017  May Festival in Berlin  
Multicultural street festival in the heart of Berlin, with various artists and performers 
05/13/2017  Volunteers in Eberswalde  
A day with various interactive activities for everyone, who wants to help the environment  
HNEE Eberswalde  
05/31/2017  Destination meets online  
interesting convention of the travelling and tourism industry  
Malagá, Spain  
06/03/2017  Carnival of Cultures  
colorful street festival with processions, dance and music, uniting the heterogeneous cultural backgrounds of Berlin  


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Our goal is to receive at least 2,500 Brezel mudra picture uploads, to show how many people can be engaged to speak out against extremism of any kind on social media. This would hit our donation target of 500€ for the Amadeu Antonio-foundation, but we hope to convince further supporters and sponsors to support our campaign and vision in the future. So please: share, share, share! 

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The University for Sustainable Development, Eberswalde (Ger. Hochschule für Nachhaltige EntwicklungEberswalde) is “Germany’s greenest university”, located about 60km north of Berlin. The HNEE is promoting ecological topics as well as cultural diversity on campus. Students of various backgrounds and nationalities are most welcome here. The university even offers a programme for prospective students of refugee background. This shows big engagement, especially as the HNEE, with only about 2,000 students, is a relatively small university. Here you can see what courses are currently offered: 


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In January 2017, our journey started with a team of nine motivated ladies. We all wanted to participate in the P2P Facebook Global Digital Challenge, in order to take a clear stance against hateful comments and extremism. After several hours of brainstorming, everyone was thrilled by the idea of building a Brezel Community. This should be the foundation for our work. From this moment on, we all worked hard at implementing our campaign, and as you can hopefully tell, we already managed to put much of it into practice. We hope, that the upcoming weeks will be equally successful, and that your help will enable us to let the Brezel Community grow even further! 

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Keep in contact

Please do get in touch with us via for personal queries. If you are interested in our PR and marketing efforts, or would like to publish an article on our campaign, please contact us via We are looking forward to hearing from you! We will also provide you with a comment section on our website.

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Mudras are so-called “hand yoga”, during which certain movements and sequences are supposed to channel energy. There are countless different mudras, that are practiced the world over and have differing effects. The kalasvara mudra, for example, which our Brezel mudra is based on, is supposed to help you let go of prejudice and break through other negative patterns. We decided on this recognizable mudra to have a clear sign against extremism. It is supposed to emphasize, that we more or less literally reach out with each other’s “tiny arms”, in order to be better connected. The fingers pointed upwards in the back symbolize a roof, under which we all live. We want to point out, that every mudra may be slightly different, be it due to size, color, or flexibility of fingers, but that ultimately, we all have more in common than we might expect! Learn  more about mudras here:  


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The German government is now planning, to make strong moves against online extremism. In the near future, social media platforms can expect high sanctions if content that users have marked as extremist or hateful is not removed immediately.  


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Online Marketing Cases

That’s the name of one of our modules that constitute our MA program in “Sustainable Tourism Management”. Our shared interests made us choose this module, through which we have built this campaign – of course with the constant support of our professor, Prof. Claudia Brözel


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P2P Global Digital Challenge 

This challenge was first created by the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in order to have students from over the world “Challeng[e] Extremism Together”. Our campaign was created as an entry for this challenge.  

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else you’d like to tell us, please feel free to drop us a line at:  


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Research results

Before we could start our project, we needed to gain a better understanding of the situation. And what could be better than conducting some research? We wanted to find out, who is active online, who isn’t – who is a silent reader and why. The results showed that 77.5% of all participants had noticed extremism on social media within the past 12 months. 61.3% did not react to extremist content in any way. Why? The majority of them said that actively participating in such discussions in order to speak out against extremism was useless. A result which should make us think… 

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Side note

Since our site note totals 12 pages, here is the link. Sorry, it´s only available in German.But here the most important facts summarized: we use Google Analytics in order to see, how many people visit our website. Otherwise, there is not much else to say about data protection, as we protect your privacy by only publicly showing pictures of your hands shaping our Brezel mudra. 

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Team Brezel

Nine of us make up the international, yet still somehow German Team Brezel that participates in the P2P Global Digital Challenge. If you would like to know more about us, have a look at our “About Us” page. 


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Our Brezel Video is available in German and English on our webpage. But to connect every Brezel all over the world we translated our video in different languages.
Update: Listen to our Spanish, PersiaArabic and Portuguese video.
And stay tuned some more will follow!


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Racism, sexism, homophobia, and insults of any kind are not accepted on our website and will be deleted immediately.